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HSM Vertical Baling Presses

HSM Baling solutions

Packaging can become a problem

Packaging is indispensable for transporting products safely, but it can quickly become a problem when packaging materials begin to pile up and block valuable space. It also involves expensive personnel costs. However, considered as part of the recycling chain, used packaging becomes a valuable secondary raw material.

pbOffice has solutions for handling and compacting this raw material using tried-and-tested technology and innovative solutions - turning waste into valuable material.

pbOffice has the answer

HSM builds baling presses that compress cardboard or packaging material into compact bales weighing up to 550 kg. This high degree of compression saves expensive storage space and makes transport and handling easier.

Due to their size, cost efficiency and capacity, HSM vertical baling presses are incredibly well-suited for industry, manufacturers and retailers alike. With these compact baling presses you can reduce the volume of your on-site packaging material by up to 95%.

The HSM V-Press compact advantages:

HSM Baling solution

Attractive cost/performance ratio

The HSM V-Press series combines the outstanding quality standards of HSM environmental technlology with a high level of profitability. Due to both their performance and durability, they are the economic waste management solution par excellence: The HSM-V Press reduces costs of the most underestimated cost centre - waste disposal.

Service to fit your needs

In the HSM V-Press series you will find exactly the right baling press to fit your needs. For instance, you can choose the machine according to the volume and pressing power required for your operations.

Optimal bale size and weight

The bales have the ideal size for perfect HGV load utilisation. This saves on transport costs and increases the marketing efficiency of the bales, which the large waste disposal companies will buy from you as valuable material.

Easy to use

The entire pressing cycle, beginning with closing the door, is fully automatic. A text display informs you in detail about the respective status of the process. When the pressing procedure comes to an end, the sliding door opens automatically. Extracting the bale is simple and easy, and it can be comfortably transported on a pallet.

High operational flexibility

With the HSM V-Press you can decide whether you prefer to press cardboard or plastic film at the touch of a button.

Extremely high level of process reliability

Thanks to the newly developed HSM TCS (TorsionControlSystem), the angle of the press ram is monitored continuously in every direction. This avoids one-sided overcharge, optimises the pressing procedure and assures longer service life.

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